Continuing the tradition of Punch and Judy in Australia.

Punch & Judy in Australia

Punch and Judy came to Australia in the 1840’s and has continued to entertain young and older audiences ever since.

We believe that the Punch & Judy show is a rich cultural tradition and a delightful part of our social history. We are dedicated to continuing this tradition, keeping it alive and making it a relevant entertainment in today’s world.

Our shows are authentic to a tradition that dates back for hundreds of years and possibly even older.

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We seek to participate in arts, cultural and community events and to inform people about this fascinating and enjoyable cultural tradition.

Our experience tells us that audiences of all ages still respond enthusiastically to this performance.

Audience enjoying a show in Barmera S.A. in the 1920s photo Harold Cazneaux


Professor Whatsit's Punch & Judy, Booktown Festival Clunes


The Puppet Palace Punch association was put together in 2006 for the Melbourne International Puppet Festival. Here is a collection of images of our shows at the various events we have attended over the years since then.

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Tyrendarra Agricultural Show
Tyrendarra, South West Victoria
Saturday 9th of February

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British Car Day
Echunga Oval, Adelaide Hills, S.A.
Sunday 10th of February

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Teddy Bears' Picnic
Rippon Lea Estate, Victoria
24th of February

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Gumeracher Medieval festival
weekend May 4 & 5
Adelaide Hills, South Australia

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Illuminations in the "Romance of Alexander", a 14th century manuscript, show people watching a puppet show.

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Saturday 4th of May
English Ale
Mylor, South Australia

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Email Keith for more information about adding a Punch and Judy show to your event.
Please provide a description of the event, dates and location and if possible any links to web pages related to the event.

In Adelaide: Keith Preston
Phone: 04 18 83 92 64


In Melbourne: Chris van der Craats
Phone: 04 30 57 48 44

Keith and Shivani Preston


We travel around Australia and internationally to perform our shows. From small private parties to national festivals we have a range of experience that will add this traditional, but rarely encountered, entertainment to enhance your event.

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We can present workshops on the history and the art of Punch and Judy, either separately or in conjunction with a show.

The workshops deal with both the history of the show and characters as well as the basics of humour.

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Keith Preston during a workshop